Taxation-GWM Chartered Accountants

Taxation-GWM Chartered Accountants


Taxation presents arguably the most dynamic and complex challenge in the context of financial planning. Ever changing legislation and rules, with SARS imposing severe penalties for non-compliance makes understanding tax legislation essential to minimize your liability. We provide tax services to individuals and Companies.

Private Individuals

If you trust us with your tax affairs you no longer need to be concerned about the complexities of ever-changing tax regulations along with sometimes cumbersome record-keeping.

 Our Tax Advisors can help you with:

  • completion and submission of your personal tax returns

  • your communication and interaction with SARS

  • making the best use of tax relief, allowances and tax-efficient structure


Corporate tax is complex and every case is unique. Our approach remains versatile with an awareness that individual issues must be dealt with on their own merits but with the overall, long-term considerations always in mind.

Our Tax Advisors can help you with:

  • income tax registration
  • completion and submission of annual and provisional tax returns 
  • your communication and interaction with SARS
  • tax directives and tax clearance certificates
  • Objections and appeals
  • capital gains tax
  • making the best use of tax relief, allowances and tax-efficient structures

Payroll Services

Outsourcing the administration of your payroll to a team of experts who actually know intimately the methods, regulations and legislation you must conform to within the context of your business and staff requirements can make life a whole lot easier for you.

Our highly professional payroll team will work with accuracy, confidentiality and compliance on all your payroll matters and - above all - we will ensure your staff are paid on time, every time.

Our payroll service includes:

  • tax reconciliations
  • IRP5 requirements
  • manage all communication with SARS, UIF, and WCA departments
  • PAYE, UIF and SDL registration for companies employing staff in South Africa for the first time
  • all calculations of PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • electronic filing of IRP5 reconciliations audit reports
  • salaries administration
  • advice on remuneration structuring 

Value Added Tax

The immediate nature of VAT means that you must stay on top of your affairs to minimise the risk of non-compliance and avoid the risk of penalties and investigations.

Our Tax Advisors can help you with:

  • VAT registration
  • Vat reconciliation
  • Submission of VAT returns