Control-GWM Chartered Accountants

Control-GWM Chartered Accountants


We will assure your company is run effective and efficient to meet your objectives.

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Internal Control

Internal control is systematic measures (such as reviews, checks and balances, methods and procedures) instituted by an organisation to:

  • conduct its business in an orderly and efficient manner,
  • safeguard its assets and resources,
  • deter and detect errors, fraud, and theft, 
  • ensure accuracy and completeness of its accounting data, 
  • produce reliable and timely financial and management information,
  • ensure adherence to its policies and plans.

We can assist you to evaluate your current internal control procedures or design a new internal control plan to ensure you achieve your organisation's goals.

Internal Audit

Your internal audit will depend on the nature, scale and complexity of your organisation and the range of its operations. We do not believe in a 'one size fits all approach' - every business is unique.

Our tailored internal audit work can include:

  • reviewing your existing internal audit function to ensure compliance and best practice

  • advising on the options and arrangements available for your internal audit

  • acting as your outsourced internal audit function

  • developing risk based internal audit strategies and work plans

  • advising on how to improve your internal audit methodology

 We get to know your business with a thorough understanding of:

  • your organisationís objectives and performance targets

  • your organisationís operations, systems, structures and regulatory environment

  • your organisationís risk assessment process

  • your internal control system and risk response mechanisms

  • the sources by which the board receives assurance over risk management, internal control and governance

  • the boardís immediate priorities